Lauren Wilson is a Toronto based floral designer and owner of Timberlost. 

Her work is focused on exploring and preserving the authenticity of nature in the constructed medium. With a background in literature, she aims to tell stories with florals - whether they be surrealist, romantic or classic narratives, her designs are shaped by the landscapes and stories of her environment, both physical and personal. 

Through large scale commercial installations for brands like Off-White, Lauren's work immerses the observer in the natural world's intimacy and beauty, framed by the brand. Interactive and educational commissions for brands like Aesop and Saks Fifth Avenue blend experiential utility and individual delight, as she translates the company’s essence and individuality into florals. She also takes on a selection of weddings every year and loves to communicate her client’s stories and desires through the floral medium.

She is always evolving Timberlost to reflect the changing tide both within her as an artist and ever changing environment around her. This came to life in her first retail location in Toronto, a floral concept store named SOLIDAGO.